Saturday, May 16

Prepping my Development System

With my acquisition of 2 raspberry Pi 2's, I have decided to devote one of them solely for the purpose of developing projects on the raspberry Pi.

I will be starting off with a base 2015-02-18-wheezy-minibian image. These are the initial steps I did to prep my new Pi.

Prep Steps

  1. Initializing the new system (Shell Commands)
    1. passwd root
      Change root password
    2. apt-get clean
      Removes unused files, temporarily frees up file space
    3. apt-get install raspi-config
      Installs the raspberry pi config manager we will use to modify the initial system.
    4. raspi-config
      1. Overclock (7)
        Pi2      1000Mhz ARM, 500Mhz core, 500Mhz SDRAM, 2 overvolt
      2. Advanced Options (8)
        1. Hostname (A2)
        2. SSH (A4)
          Enable SSH
      3. Expand Filesystem (1)
        Expands the filesystem to use the full available space of the SD card
    5. Finish and Reboot
    6. apt-get install rpi-update  (19.4mb)
      Install the necessary  scripts to update the pi's firmware
    7. rpi-update  (46.2mb)
    8. reboot
    9. apt-get upgrade -y (51.3mb)
      upgrades current version of apt-get
    10. apt-get dist-upgrade -y  (26.2mb)
      upgrade current distro files
    11. Reboot
  2. Adding a dev user
    1. adduser {username}
    2. usermod -G sudo {username}
  3. Installing software
    1. apt-get install nano sudo usbutils dosfstools mc tmux samba nodejs -y   (79.5mb)
      Base utilities I like to have


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