Wednesday, February 18

Great List of "Games about Hacking"

As with all lists, this one tries with the powers of the search engines, to be as complete as possible. Bellow is version 1 of:
The Great List of "Games about Hacking"

  1. 868-Hack                         (Windows)
  2. Control-Alt-Hack            (Card Game)
  3. Cypher                             (Browser)
  4. GeekTyper                      (Browser)
  5. HackTheGame               (Windows)
  6. Hack 'n' Slash                (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  7. Hack Run Series            (iOS)
    1. Hack Run
    2. Hack Run Zero
    3. Hack Time
    4. Hack Net
  8. Hackex                           (Android)
  9. Hacknet                          (Windows)
  10. HackWars                       (Browser - Java)
  11. Hacker 2                         (Flash Player)
  12. Hacker Evolution Series    (Windows, Mac, Linux)
    1. Hacker Evolution
    2. Hacker Evolution Untold
    3. Hacker Evolution Duality
  13. Hacker Experience        "The Internet under attack..."     (Browser)
  14. Hacker-Project                (Browser)
  15. Hacker Forever              (Browser)
  16. Hacker vs Hacker          (Flash Player)
  17. Invasion of the Wireless Hackers       (Flash Player)
  18. Nameless                        "The Hackers"          (iOS)
  19. Paradroid                        (Commodore 64)
  20. Quadrilateral Cowboy     (In Development)
  21. Slave Hack                      (Browser)
  22. The Hacker                     (Flash Player)
  23. The Hacker's Sandbox      (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  24. Uplink                              (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android)