Friday, April 22

Aliexpress: Day 10 (CZ329)

Flight Plan CZ329
Day 10

The day was almost over, when to my surprise, I refreshed the tracking information and .... we have a flight number! Two of the orders now have a reference to CZ329, and when I put that into a flight search website it comes up with:

It seems possible that the first two orders may have arrived in the country now. Now that I have a rough timeline from the first two orders, I have placed another order with the same store to see if there is any consistency. I have also now spent over fifty dollars in the first ten days.

  • Order #1
    • 11:31 AliExpress (Website) Reports this product has "Shipped by Air"
  • Order #3
    • 21:45 reports item on Flight CZ329
  • Order #5
    • 22:01 reports item on Flight CZ329
  • Order #13
    • 1:08 Ordered
      Qty: 1     Price: $3.41     Shipping:  $0.62    Total: $4.03
    • Store: RobotDyn
    • 1:08 Received email (Order Paid)
Items Ordered:29     Total Shipping Paid: $1.64       Total Spent: $53.81


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