Tuesday, April 26

Aliexpress: Day 12 (Better Late Then Never)

Better Late Then Never
Day 12

 After trying to relate the information I am getting back from 17Track.net and AliExpress, I have found another pattern. AliExpress seems to be between 12 hours and 26 hours behind what package tracking websites are displaying. That is only as far as actually updating the shipping information to you.

AliExpress will, after 12-26 hours, actually display the right information, with the right date. It is quite possible for there to be more information for a given date only showing up late the next day.

I have also noticed that my "wishlist" on AliExpress seems to be getting longer, not shorter, the more I conduct this experiment. 
  • Order #10
    • 22:17 17Track.net reports item on Flight CZ329
  • Order #13
    • 5:05 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #15
    • 1:48 Ordered
      Qty: 5     Price: $2.65     Shipping:  FREE    Total: $13.27
    • Store: China good electronic
    • 1:48 Received email (Order Paid)
Items Ordered:39     Total Shipping Paid: $1.64       Total Spent: $78.08


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