Tuesday, April 19

Aliexpress: Day 7 (1 Ordered, 1 Paid, 1 Shipped)

1 Ordered, 1 Paid, 1 Shipped
Day 7

The day started out with me receiving a email saying another of my orders has been shipped. Making my orders up to date.

Then I realized according to Aliexpress there is actually more then one stage from being sent to being received. It would appear that receiving an "order is shipped" email just means that the store has processed your order, but your order has not left the warehouse. Aliexpress does not consider the date your item is shipped until your package has been picked up from the warehouse.

After realizing the "Order is shipped" email was not the one to be most interested in, I combed through my current orders to realize that as of today there has only been three of my orders actually shipped. The orders that have been shipped are orders #1,2,3,4, and 8.

Updated: 2016/04/19
  • Order #8
    • 0:46 Received email (Order is shipped)
    • 21:04 AliExpress App Notice (The seller has shipped your order)
  • Order #9
    • 7:12 Ordered
      Qty: 1     Price: $2.61     Shipping:  FREE    Total: $2.61
    • Store: Advanced Tech
    • 7:13 Received email (Order Paid)
Items Ordered:25     Total Shipping Paid: $1.02       Total Spent: $41.09


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