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Julian Ilett: Postbag Summary (1-10)

Julian Ilett

What can I say about a man I have never met: Actually quite a lot seeing as that man is Julian Ilett, and he has uploaded a considerable number of videos to YouTube.  Instead of my ramblings though, I am going to leave you with a brief excerpt of how he describes himself on YouTube.

I buy the cheapest electronic modules and components I can find, direct from China, and try to do interesting and useful things with them.  Currently playing with: ESP8266 WiFi modules, Arduino microcontrollers, nRF24L01+ wireless data transceivers, OLED LCD LED displays and sensors... 
Absolutely won't touch: Unbranded cheap mains powered devices.
Julian Ilett (YouTube:About
Reason for this Post?
I am in the process of watching/re-watching Julian Illet's YouTube series "Postbag". And I am going to document here in this post, probably with updates, the items he has purchased. Later I will be doing another post documenting all the items that I am also interested in experimenting with.

Postbag #...
  1. New Chinese Goodies
    1. RFID Reader / Writer (SPI) 1 tag, 1 card
    2. RFID Tags (x5)
    3. TEZE QD-185-SX  (5 cell mobile power bank)
  2. New USB Charger Doctor
    1. Charger Doctor (Blue) Plug on one side - Socket on other
  3. Powerbank Palava and UK 18650s
    1. 18650 (LG??) 3.7V Rechargable battery cell
  4. Sunday Fun Amazon Delivery
    1. the Hubsan X4 Quad-Copter
  5. OLED USB Charger Doctor
    1. CDLGZN-OLED-DISPAY "Charger Doctor" (Red Board)
    1. ATMega328P OSD (MAX7456) Onscreen display
    2. Solar Charge Controller (Not an MPTT)
    3. NRF24L01+ Antenna Wireless Transceiver
  7. 808 Cam DVR, USB Solar Panel, 2x 18650
    1. Keyfob spy camera
    2. 2W 6V 330mA Mini Solar Panel Module (With Usb Socket)
    3. 2 18650's with Box
  8. Nano CH340, USB 18650, 1.3" SPI OLED
    1. CH340 Arduino Nano
    2. USB 18650 charger
    3. SPI OLED 1.3" 128x64 (VCC, GND, CLK, MOSI, CS, D/C)
    4. Box of 20 Fuses (10x38) 10A
  9. Component Tester, USB Dinky, 3V Pump, Ferrite Rings
    1. Small 12864 LCD Transistor Tester Capacitance ESR Meter
    2. USB Dinky "Charger Doctor"
    3. 3v-6v Mini submersible pump
    4. 2 Ferrite Rings
      £1.98 (Each)
  10. APM Sensor, UNO CH340, CMP12, 10W Led, IIC OLED
    1. APM Parts
    2. CH340 Arduino Uno (Full size ATmega328p)
    3. CMP12 Solar Charge Controller
    4. LED Driver for a MR16 Lamp (12V AC or DC)
      PT4115 LED Driver Chip
There are sixty videos so far, I will keep updating this as I complete more.


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