Monday, April 11

Upcoming Hardware Projects

The (somewhat) Master List of Upcoming Hardware Projects

Here I will be keeping the Master List of hardware projects I am currently planning to work on in the future. The projects are not listed in the order to which I will be completing them. In fact the order I start, and work on, each project mainly depends on when the parts I ordered for the projects arrive.

These projects coincide with my "Aliexpress: Electronics from half way around the world (in 60 days or less)".

The Projects

  1. Arduino and RFID technology
  2. Raspberry PI Zero
    • Setup a Raspberry PI Zero as an OTG NodeJS Server
  3. WIFI and IOT with ESP8266 ESP-01
  4. Inexpensive FPV System
  5. ATTINY architecture
  6. OLED and TFT displays
    • for Arduino's and Raspberry PI's
  7. NRF24L01, and Similar
  8. 18650 3.7v rechargeable battery cells
  9. 433MHz RF Transmitters & Receivers
  10. Understanding USB to TTL-UART serial converters
  11. GPS Modules
    • Raspberry PI & Arduino
  12. Raspberry PI, Flight Trackers, and ABS-B receivers


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