Wednesday, May 25

AliExpress #15 - ESP8266 ESP-01

ESP8266 ESP-01
Day 35

The start of my ESP8266 module collection. Starting with the ESP-01, which in this case is the upgraded version. The original ESP-01 had a blue colored PCB board, and had 512kb of storage. These ESP-01 have a black colored PCB board and 1mb of storage.

I have tested these and they work well, look forward to some projects using these in the future. My only word of the wise with these is:
power them from a separate 3.3v power supply 
which can supply at least 300ma. 

Some sources say you can power these with the supplied 3.3v of power from a USB to TTL converter, but in my experience that has been flaky enough for me to have entertained thoughts that these were damaged, when they are not.
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