Saturday, May 28

AliExpress #2 - MB-102 Breadboard, psu, 65 M-M Cables

MB-102 Breadboard, psu, 65 M-M Cables
Day 38

Need to prototype some hardware? Everybody can use an extra solderless breadboard. This one is an MB-102, with 830 points. This also came with a small power supply switchable between 3V and 5V.

Things to note:

  1. The power rails extend the full distance, without any breaks
    (Unlike some of the ones I've tried)
  2. The power supply has a female USB plug, which means you would need a Male to Male USB cable to be able to power it from USB.
  • Order #2
    • Day 2    - Ordered
    • Day 7    - AliExpress reported shipped
    • Day 38  - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 36 Days Shipping Time


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