Thursday, May 26

AliExpress #22 - Chalkboard Sticker Labels (36pcs)

Chalkboard Sticker Labels (36pcs)
Day 38

There are a number of stores in my area which sell 6 of these chalkboard stickers with a stick of chalk for $1.50, I decided to cut out the middle man and buy 6 times that many for a dollar. Now these stickers did not come with chalk, but I was able to purchase man sticks of chalk for less then a dollar as well.

So all told, this will be a savings of seven dollars. All the fun at 1/6th the cost ;)

  • Order #22
    • Day 15    - Ordered
    • !!!AliExpress Never Stated this was shipped!!!
    • Day 38    - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 23 Days Shipping Time


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