Sunday, May 29

Week in Review (Week 21)

Monday May 23, 2016 - Sunday May 29, 2016
According to ISO-8601 standard, weeks start on Monday. The first week of each year is the week which contains that year's first Thursday. This oddly gives the capability for the year to have 53 weeks instead of the school taught 52.

Here I am going to try to document all "projects" that I have started, continued, or ended in the previous week.

1. Aliexpress: I am finally receiving some of the orders placed weeks ago. Last week it was some wires, this week:

2. Raspberry Pi: I finally completed a post on how I set up one of my Raspberry Pi Zero's which I have connected to my desktop computer.

3. Quick Questions - Linux Edition: Using the Linux shell, or command line, can some times be daunting. I will be highlighting a hopefully helpful command in each of these upcoming posts.

4. YouTube: I now have fourteen videos on YouTube. Ten of those videos are showing the opening of orders received from AliExpress.

There is also a video I did showing how I was able to share my internet through my computer's USB port with my Raspberry Pi Zero.

Week in Review (Week 21)


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