Wednesday, May 4

Aliexpress: Day 18 (Anticipation)

Day 18

Even though none of the orders has yet to arrive, I am finding a lot of enjoyment in documenting and tracking all the orders. There are some patterns which are starting to show up in the data which if they continue will be a part of a completely separate post.

My anticipation for the arrival of any of these orders grows daily. A feeling of "night before christmas", or week before birthday fill my mind. Realistically the earliest I should expect any of these orders to arrive will be around day 25 or day 30. This has not stopped me from checking the mail now on a daily basis. Who knows maybe I could get lucky and one of the orders arrives quickly.
  • Order #25
    • 5:20 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #26
    • 20:00 Ordered
      Qty: 5     Price: $0.89     Shipping:  FREE    Total: $4.47
    • Store: GREAT WALL Electronics Co. Ltd.
    • 20:01 Received email (Order Paid)
Items Ordered:92     Total Shipping Paid: $1.64       Total Spent: $116.07


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