Friday, May 6

Aliexpress: Day 20 (Tracking IDs)

Tracking IDs
Day 20

Today started fairly simply, no new emails, sales, or excitement. The following may bore those who are much less excitable then myself, for that I do not apologize. I harbor no belief that my thoughts are important enough for anybody but myself to actually scrutinize.

After spending, probably to much, time re-working the current spreadsheets used to document this experiment a few interesting things have started appearing in the data.
Most of the tracking numbers which I have received fall into one of two types.

The eleven digit "02968184###" tracking number starting with either "02" or more recently "03." These seem to be related to the Chinese "small package", and "bulk mail" forms of parcel delivery.

Thirteen digits begining with "R", and ending with the two letter country code of origin "CN = China", "RF222682###CN". These seem to relate to the orders which are to be shipped via "China Air."

Thirteen digits begining with "MP" and ending with "XSG" (ie:"MP097#####XSG") seem to take a long time before they are in the system that the website lists. If you follow the website link "" replacing the number at the back with the number the shipper gave you, you should be able to see the shipping details. Though in my limited experience it seemed to take around four days between getting the tracking number and actually being able to see details.

Orders from companies which have provided one of the above types of tracking numbers have had their status changed to "shipped" quickly. They have also had their shipping information updated fairly quickly.

Now I have received orders with different "tracking numbers." "MP097#####XSG", "WA38656042#####", and "10899085#####." These tracking numbers were provided for orders which at the time of ordering stated "China Post Registered Air Mail", and yet after I placed my order the shipping method was changed to "Sellers shipping method." I do not know without doubt that I have been given bogus tracking numbers, It may just be a weird oddity. The tracking numbers starting with "MP" and ending with "XSG" have since been figured out to be tracking numbers for

I now have four two interesting orders to follow.
  • Order #28
    • 20:04 Ordered
      Qty: 2     Price: $2.72     Shipping:  FREE    Total: $5.43
    • Store: GREAT WALL Electronics Co. Ltd.
    • 20:04 Received email (Order Paid)
Items Ordered:104     Total Shipping Paid: $1.64       Total Spent: $126.11


  1. I found your blog when I searched a tracking number I received from a seller on AliExpress that started with "MP" and ending in "XSG". Thanks for the info. If you want to see if your tracking number is fraudulent, I recommend checking it at against their Tracking Number Blacklist I have received many of these fake tracking numbers. By the way, a seller arbitrarily changing the shipping method without consulting you is against AliExpress policy and you can dispute that. You can also dispute when you're unable to track a parcel, such as with a fraudulent tracking number. Doing so requires the seller to prove to AliExpress that they have indeed shipped it and have current tracking info (which, in these cases, they usually do not). It sure helps prevent you from wasting your time for possible months awaiting a parcel they never shipped, plus you get your money returned sooner.

  2. I can confirm that so far after over 90 orders in 82 days, I have only had 2 orders so far which have not arrived.

    2 Orders that have are now over 68 days since ordering. So far my experiences with AliExpress have been quite good.

    I was in the process of getting my money back on 1 order, when that order arrived in my mailbox. I messaged the seller that it had arrived, and cancelled the dispute.