Friday, June 3

AliExpress #1 - Digispark Dev Board - ATTINY85

Digispark Dev Board - ATTINY85
Day 52

I will start this by saying this order took a long time to get here. Fifty two days is the longest time any order so far has taken to arrive.

I did contact the seller when forty days had passed, and the seller reassured me that the order would arrive. The seller also increased the buyer protection time by another forty days at the same time. Even though I wish the order had arrived quicker I am quite pleased with how the seller handled this order.

Delivery Information
  • Order #1
    • Day 1    - Ordered
    • Day 15  - Shipped
    • Day 52  - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 52 Days Shipping Time

The Digispark is used in these projects:
Happy Fathers Day Sketch    2016.06.09

Support Information

Initially plugging one of the DigiSparks into a USB port promptly gave me this screen:

Most Microsoft Windows users will need to install drivers before they will be able to use these. Thankfully enough the drivers are very easy to find ( ). After installing these drivers you will receive the wonderful window bellow:

Setting up the DigiSpark in the Arduino IDE can be done easily by following the instructions at:

Quick Item of Note

There are two versions of these DigiSpark.
  • Model A has the LED pin located on pin 1
  • Model B has the LED pin located on pin 0

Packaging Video, Tracking, and Order Information


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