Monday, June 6

AliExpress #13 - Arduino Uno R3 CH340 with A6-A7 pins

Arduino Uno R3 CH340 with A6-A7 pins
Day 52

My dilemma with purchasing genuine Arduino. This just highlights a big issue with the ATmega line of Arduino. If I wish to purchase a genuine Arduino locally it would cost $29.95. There would also be $3.90 added in taxes. Though I would get a cardboard box.

Purchasing this clone, which is perfectly legit, because the Arduino line are open source hardware. All in this Arduino Clone cost $4.03, and that was including $0.62 in shipping. Now I did not get a cardboard box included at that price, but I am ok with that.

Total savings of $29.20.    Almost $0.70 savings per day.

  • Order #13
    • Day 10   - Ordered
    • Day 12   - AliExpress displayed Shipped
    • Day 52   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 42 Days Shipping Time

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