Wednesday, June 15

AliExpress #25, #36 (Resistors & Whovian Necklace)

600pcs 1% Metal Resistors (30x20pcs)
Day 63

Thirty wonderful strips of twenty resistors. Thirty different values. It should be a longer while now til I have to go raiding my old 200 in 1 electronics kit.  Maybe I over did it, but this stemmed from me being one resistor shy of finishing a project. Now I should not have that problem.
  • Order #25
    • Day 22   - Ordered
    • Day 24   - AliExpress displays Shipped
    • Day 53   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 46 Days Shipping Time

Packaging Video

Necklace "BaDWolf"
Day 63

People sometimes naturally draw a line between love of electronics, and all things "geeky", with also being a fan of all things Sci Fi.  A lot of people consider the British television series Doctor Who to be one of the finest examples of Sci Fi.

I would like to say I am not such a predictable person. My excitement over receiving this necklace of Whovian artistry would say other wise. For those that catch the reference, excellent. I guess I earned my geek card.
  • Order #36
    • Day 28   - Ordered
    • Day 31   - AliExpress displays Shipped
    • Day 63   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 35 Days Shipping Time

Packaging Video


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