Sunday, June 19

AliExpress #27, #47 ( NRF24L01 *like & SPI Micro SD)

NRF24L01 (Similar)
Day 67

There are a lot of posts and projects around the internet that connect the NRF24L01 as a wireless communication device for the Arduino. There are also several eBay and AliExpress sellers that are advertising NRF24L01 "Similar" devices. Out of curiosity I have purchased these "Similar" devices to test just how similar they really are.

  • Order #27
    • Day 19   - Ordered
    • Day 21   - AliExpress reported shipped
    • Day 67   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 48 Days Shipping Time

Packaging Video

SPI Micro SD card reader
Day 68

One of the major draw backs to using the Arduino, or other micro controllers, in projects is the lack of storage capability. Now with the addition of one of these modules it is possible to add substantial storage capability.
  • Order #47
    • Day 39   - Ordered
    • Day 53   - AliExpress reported shipped
    • Day 68   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 29 Days Shipping Time

Packaging Video


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