Saturday, June 18

AliExpress #28, #51 (1602 LCDs & Switches)

LCD1602+I2C Blue for Arduino
Day 60

Two sixteen character two line I2C displays. Now their description says they are for use with the Arduino family of products. In reality they use the I2C protocol so they can be used with any device which can communicate over I2C.

I have tried these on Arduino Uno, Pro Nano, and Raspberry Pi 2B. And they work great. I will hopefully have video and another post showing these in action in the future.

  • Order #28
    • Day 20   - Ordered
    • Day 27   - AliExpress reported shipped
    • Day 60   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 40 Days Shipping Time

Packaging Video

6*6*4.3mm tack switch (30pcs)
Day 68

These came pretty quickly, 25 days and I had thirty one little black switches. As you might have noticed from the description above I only ordered 30. They shipped one extra. 

I do not know if that is standard practice, or I just got lucky.
  • Order #51
    • Day 43   - Ordered
    • ** Never showed Shipped **
    • Day 68   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 25 Days Shipping Time

Packaging Video


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