Friday, June 10

AliExpress #29 - Multimeter ADM02

Multimeter ADM02
Day 49

Interesting. Initially this Multimeter seemed to be acting strange. When testing DC or AC voltage the display did not seem to zero out. 

Now that seemed like a problem and I contacted the seller about it. The seller said it might have gotten "bumped" in shipping, and asked me to send some pictures and if possible email a video of the problem.

After spending some time testing this unit, and comparing the results with other multimeters this meter seems ok. Though the display does not seem to stay zeroed, as soon as you connect the leads to what is being tested the results seem accurate, and repeatable.

I consider this unit to be working perfectly.
  • Order #29
    • Day 21   - Ordered
    • ** AliExpress did not list when it was shipped **
    • Day 49   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 28 Days Shipping Time

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