Wednesday, June 22

AliExpress #35, #37 ( Rabbit & Who )

"TARDIS silver/blue"
Day 74

Another Doctor Who necklace. You can never have to many Tardis ... Tardis(i)? Tadisinis?

  • Order #35
    • Day 27   - Ordered
    • Day 28   - AliExpress reported shipped
    • Day 74   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 47 Days Shipping Time

Packaging Video

Creative Rabbit Fountain Pen
Day 74

This is a really neat fountain pen. It looks just like any other plastic fountain pen until ... you turn the end. When you turn the end of this pen, it either rolls the nib into it's body, or out. 

Update 6.25: The pen does not come with ink. The method for filling this pen with ink, is to use the back to  screw out the pen completely. Then use the plastic around the nib to unscrew the nib assembly from the pen. Inside it has squeezable ink well, that you can suck up ink through the nib.

Way better then I was expecting for the price.
  • Order #37
    • Day 29   - Ordered
    • Day 31   - AliExpress reported shipped
    • Day 74   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 45 Days Shipping Time

Packaging Video


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