Friday, June 3

AliExpress #49 - Portable Mini Plier / Stripper

Portable Mini Plier / Stripper
Day 53

Now this order came in fast. Twelve days and it was in my mailbox. There is little I can say about this item. It works.

Actually I can say quite a bit more about this. These are selling for around $9.95 at any of my local hardware stores. Now for nearly $10 they come in a plastic blister pack, with manufacture names like Husky, and the such.

Lose the blister pack 
lose the brand name
magically it's $0.60 after shipping!

  • Order #49
    • Day 41    - Ordered
    • ** Never shown as shipped **
    • Day 53  - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 12 Days Shipping Time


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