Wednesday, June 1

AliExpress #8 - SYB-170 Breadboards

SYB-170 Breadboards
Day 47

Only need a few rows of a breadboard, try these SYB-170 boards. Makes a nice addition to anybodies toolkit.

  • Order #8
    • Day 6    - Ordered
    • Day 7    - AliExpress reported shipped
    • Day 47  - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 41 Days Shipping Time


  1. I bought some of these but the connections are very poor and temperamental. They are not all the same, no doubt, but it's difficult to know which are of better or worse quality ahead of time since even the ones I bought have great reviews.

  2. I have purchased these on 3 separate occasions now. Two of the three orders work well. The third order did have 2 boards which are VERY temperamental. I am waiting for a few more orders to form my opinion.

  3. Did you buy them all from the same seller? Have you found a source that is of consistently decent quality?

  4. I have now purchased them from several suppliers, this has been the most consistent