Saturday, June 18

Happy Fathers Day (My DigiSpark Code)

Happy Fathers Day!

I have programmed a little "Happy Fathers Day" sketch which runs on DigiStump's DigiSpark. Using the DigiKeyboard library. At the moment all the functionality of this sketch is designed for using the DigiSpark on a Microsoft Windows machine.

I have tested that it works properly on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

In the future I will convert this sketch over to one that will work on Apple Mac's, and possibly Linux machines as well. But I had a tight time frame, since I needed to place this in a card and give it to my father later today.

DigiSpark-HappyFathersDayDad.ino (Version 1)
Updated version for slower computers

DigiSpark-HappyFathersDayDad.ino (version 0.9)

What does this sketch do...

  1. It is detected as a HID Keyboard device
  2. The Sketch waits 35 seconds
  3. it launches notepad.exe on the target computer
  4. And then proceeds to type the following lines, one line at a time
  5. Then it opens a new notepad windows and types
  6. And for fun, another notepad window
  7. One last notepad window for good luck
  8. Then it opens up the users web browser to google images collection of "Happy Fathers Day Dad" images.
  9. Then turns the led on the DigiStump on solid. And Stops.

Sketch uses 4,320 bytes (71%) of program storage space. Maximum is 6,012 bytes.
Global variables use 92 bytes of dynamic memory.

What does this sketch do...(Video)


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