Saturday, June 4

Project HB - 2. The Setup

If you have not read Part 1, please read it here.

The Setup

I will be using Microsoft Windows for this project, though it should not be hard to follow along on Linux or Mac OSX.

I have created a directory specifically for working on this project. Mine is located at "d:\Projects\ffmpeg\HappyBirthday". Of course you can choose whatever name and location you wish.

For ease of typing, and to cut down on possible typo errors, I have also placed a copy of the downloaded "FFmpeg.exe" inside this directory as well. Now I can execute all commands calling FFmpeg without having to include it's absolute or relative path, that should save a fair bit of typing.

The video file "!SourceMovie!.MOV" is also placed in this folder. That way I also do not have to worry about dealing with absolute or relative paths with the video file.

Initial Directory Structure

  • D:
    • Projects
      • ffmpeg
        • HappyBirthday
          • !SourceMovie!.MOV
          • ffmpeg.exe

Test Setup

Launching Windows CMD.exe I proceed to the project directory and make sure the files are there. This is how it looks on my system.

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