Wednesday, June 1 and the Javascript Playground

The Javascript Playground

There are many places online where you can test your HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Today I have setup an account with I have also created my first "pen."

Bellow you will see, after you click "Run Pen", my first playground or "pen." After deciding that I would like to have the current monthly calendar displayed as my desktop background, I quickly setup the code bellow to test some ideas.

Offers a fairly robust free account. All your "pens" are publicly available for viewing, and there is no asset hosting, or pair programming. Other then that, and the lack of theme options, you will find a free account is very useful.

The paid account, or "Pro Mode", allows you too host assets, pair program, and use custom themes when embedding pens. Depending on which "Pro" package you purchase can also decide if there are Ads displayed along side your pens.

My First Pen

See the Pen Monthly Calendar by Failed Sleep (@FailedSleep) on CodePen.


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