Friday, July 1

AliExpress #12, #59 ( NodeMcu & a Drill Bit)

NodeMcu V3 Lua WIFI
Day 62

This was almost in my first ten orders. I have been interested in playing with the ESP8266 NodeMcu module since I heard about. Now I have had this unit for quite some time, and the seller has been very understanding.

But ... I have not so far been able to get this unit to work well. It seems to either want to act as a serial com port for the computer or a wifi hotspot. I have tried plugging  it into different USB ports on the computer. I have tried using a powered USB hub.

I have still been unsuccessful in getting any computer to connect with this unit via it's USB com port.

  • Order #12
    • Day    9   - Ordered
    • Day  10   - AliExpress show Shipped Status
    • Day  62   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 53 Days Shipping Time

Packaging Video

Flexible Drill Bit
Day 77

This is a rather neat flexible drill bit. For those times when you can not get the drill directly behind where you need to screw.

Since this was purchased as a gift for someone I have not tested it. I will update this post after the person tries this one and tells me how it performs.

  • Order #59
    • Day 51   - Ordered
    •      ** AliExpress did not list a ship date **
    • Day 77   - Arrived in Mailbox
    • 25 Days Shipping Time

Packaging Video


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