Monday, July 4

Game Idea #1 - Global CSR

I just thought of a game idea ...

Anybody can have an idea for a game. Since I have thought of a game idea, I thought I would document it here. And my game's title would be ...

Global CSR

CSR: Is an industry acronym for "Customer Service Representative."

Setting: You are newly hired to work for "Global CSR Inc." As a new employee you will be setup with a training system. This will help you learn the basics, and be used as the game's tutorial levels.

You are presented with the game's main user screen, which is a "virtual computer." This computer desktop has all the tools you will need to perform your job.

Tutorial Level Steps:

1. When a "customer" calls in, you will get a pop up window in the top right corner with the caller's phone number, and if the caller has called before it will display the callers name. The window will have two buttons on it: a green "Answer" button, and a red "Hang up" button. When you click the answer button it changes to a blue "Hold" button.

2. The customer tells you the problem they have with the product. Now you have the capability to click on the product manual icon on your desktop. This will bring up a detailed manual for the product you are supporting.

It is possible that the customer is calling about a product that is not actually supported by the company you work for. If this is the case you can report the product to management, and they will possibly look into providing support for the product in the future.

3. As you progress in hopefully solving the customers problems. There will be more products added and you will actually have to fill in their information properly.

This sounds boring ... How can we make it fun?

1. Some of the customers problems are "funny." Not actually a problem with the products themselves.

2. Some of the callers will be wrong numbers. Secondary idea is that if you actually listen to some of those wrong callers in order they will actually be a little play inside a play idea. So multiple wrong calls fill in a details out a particularly funny incident that happens.

3. As you gain experience you will be able to have additional capabilities that would not happen in the real world.
  • a "fart" button, when pressed makes a fart sound which if you quickly respond you can blame on the caller, and possibly embarrass the caller into hanging up.
  • You send a "Quality Control Officer" over to help the caller understand it's all his/her fault.
  • Order pizza to the callers address.
All of these while you are on the phone, so you can hear what happens to the customer.


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