Sunday, July 10

Procedurally Generated People - Part 1 "PRNG-MWC"

In the beginning...

I have always thought procedurally generated content is fascinating. The possibility of created large amounts of data from a few simple seed values and some programming code is awesome, in my opinion.

In the last decade there have been several remarkable games which have used procedurally generated content to give their users much more playable content then their creators could have. This idea has grown greatly in use even in the last few years.

The introduction of No Man's Sky almost boundless space content has sparked more and more game creators to try procedurally generated content, instead of releasing a game with far less content. Thanks also to procedurally generated content we also get a collection of rogue like games which change each time you play them.

Where I'm going ...

Better developers, programmers, game designers, overall more intelligent people have accomplished far more then I ever expect to. They have created whole worlds, galaxies, visions of which I can not expect to best.

I have not seen procedural generation used much for creating vast game character backgrounds and genealogies. This is the one area of procedural generation which I am going to experiment with in this series of posts.

I am interested in seeing how many "game characters" and their families I could create using procedural generation. To see how much detail I can add to each character. To try and make each of the game characters have enough background information to seem virtually real. This is a tall order, and I have no idea how well I will do.

No matter how well I do, this will be a learning experience.

Where to start?

The fundamental basis of procedurally generated content, in my opinion, is a random number generating procedure which given a specific seed value will also produce repeatable pseudo random numbers. It may seem counterproductive for your random number procedure to produce repeatable numbers, but this is how we will be able to create a lot of content by just providing the seed value.

I am going to, at least initially, use a random number generator code that is from some talented programmers who responded to a stackoverflow question. You can see and experiment with the code I am going to use in the pen linked bellow.

See the Pen PRNG - multiply-with-carry (MWC) by Failed Sleep (@FailedSleep) on CodePen.

There is another interesting PRNG that is found on: I may implement this one as well, just so we have the capability to have multiple PRNG's to play with.

Continue with ...


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