Wednesday, July 27

Blendo Games's Quadrilateral Cowboy - First Mission

Announced in 2013 there has been a long wait to see the final product.

Quadrilateral Cowboy is now released, and it is AWSOME.

There is not much I can say, that other people, better people then I, have not said.

I have started playing it, and am going to try to complete each mission/level using only a single script. I do not know how successful I will be yet, but I have tried the first level and it was fun.

Satsuma Job
0. Training Wheels

telnet;; wait(22);; wait(8);; wait(40);

beep; wait(10);; wait(25);
beep; wait(11);; beep;; wait(20);
beep;; wait(20);

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