Sunday, July 3

Week in Review (Week 26)

Monday June 27, 2016 - Sunday July 3, 2016
According to ISO-8601 standard, weeks start on Monday. The first week of each year is the week which contains that year's first Thursday. This oddly gives the capability for the year to have 53 weeks instead of the school taught 52.

1. Aliexpress: I now have three orders that are in dispute with AliExpress. You should also notice that there were a lot of orders came in this week. Fourteen items that I had to check and make videos of. Something that started out as a curiosity has begun to devour more of my time then I was expecting.

I am waiting for the results of all the current disputes before I publish the post I have been working on. It is only fair that all the information is available.

2. Other??: There are other posts and projects that I am working on. They are just not at a point I consider ready to post about them.

Week in Review (Week 26)


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