Friday, August 26

Bitva O Databazi ( Part 3 )

Welcome to the online police department. This is not exactly the most secure police department. Since it actually shows the password in hexadecimal value, and all you have to do is convert that to it's decimal value and your in.

example: EB16 = 60182

Hex2Dec (Widget)


Continuing from Part 2

13. a) Calling The Police Station ( 101-99-947 ) presents you with the following screen.

And if you enter the password in wrong you are presented with the following screen. And it disconnects you back to the main telephone screen.

  • Czech
    • Policejni Evidence
    • Kod
    • Heslo:
    • Heslo Nesouhlasi
    • Spojeni Preruseno
  • English
    • Police Registers
    • Code
    • Password:
    • Password does not match
    • Connection Interrupted

    13. b) Successfully entering the right password briefly presents you with a black screen with a single line of text,

    before going on to display the screen with "Top Secret" on it.

    • Czech
      • Heslo Souhlasi
      • Evidence Osob Zijicich Na Uzemi
      • Zadejte Jmeno:
    • English
      • the password is correct
      • Evidence of people living within
      • Enter the name :

    13. c) Collecting the information on the people we know so far. If there is no information for that person we are presented with a screen similar to the one bellow. Which happens when we search for "Major Powers", "Philip Marlowe", "General Motors", "Policie".

    • Czech
      • Neni v evidenci
    • English
      • Are not registered

    14.a) Tony Stevens Police Information for "Tony Stevens" we are given this screen of details.

    14.b) Carl Stone Police Information for "Carl Stone" we are given this screen of details.

    15. Tony Stevens Calling "Tony Stevens" 287-56-021 presents you with a screen prompting for a password.

    Password Accepted!

    After you have entered the password "ARAMIS" which you acquired from the Police, you will be asked for your name, which you will give as "Carl Stone."
    • Czech
      • Vase Jmeno?
    • English
      • Your Name?
    You are presented with the following information:


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