Saturday, August 27

Bitva O Databazi ( Part 4 )

General Motors, and a new person to research. Today is an interesting day.

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Continuing from Part 3

16. General Motors) Calling General Motors at 320-55-023 welcomes you with:

Here lies one of the more trial and error section of the game. We have four of the five characters of the password. After calling and trying "AQ890", "AQ891", "AQ892", "AQ893

  • Czech
    • osobni oddeleni
    • Heslo
  • English
    • Personnel Department
    • Password
"AQ894" finally lets you see the next prompt:

  • Czech
    • Zadejte jmeno pracovnika
  • English
    • Enter the name of the employee
This is a great time to again impersonate Mr. Tony Stevens. Apparently there is a fair bit of information waiting for Tony.

17. Francis Norton) Thanks to General Motors we have a new person to look into.
  • Francis Norton
    • Phone Record
    • Police Report

    17.B) Connecting to Francis Norton's home computer at 034-59-112 presents us with this welcome screen.

    • Czech
      • Soukromy Uzivatel
      • Heslo
    • English
      • Private User
      • Password
    Thanks to Francis Norton's police report we know his password is "XERKES."

    • Czech
      • Kod je O.K.
      • Vase Jmeno
    • English
      • Code O.K.
      • Your name
    If there is one thing this game has taught us, it's we never enter I real name, so this time we will pretend to be "Carl Stone."

    Part 3... Continued in Part 5


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