Wednesday, August 24

Bitva O Databazi ( Part 1 )


Bitva O Databazi is a game published for the ZX Spectrum 48k in 1990. It was published by Alesoft (Czech), and authored by Peter O'Ley. It was also written in Czech.

I have been interested in games involving computer hacking for many years. My small problem with playing some of the classic hacking games, like Bitva O Databazi, is that I do not speak, or read, Czech.

With the advent of the internet, and the capable Google software developers, a solution has shown itself. Using a software emulator, and Google's translate software, I am going to try and play some of these games. And in the process, roughly translate them. With Bitva O Databazi being my first attempt.

Starting the Game

The game starts, with a screen that just shows "Powers III" at the top of it. After which it shows the title screen. "Alesoft's Presents Bitva O Databazi",

02. After pressing a key, you are presented with a green screen displaying "Treti cast powersovych pribehu." Google Translate detects this as Slovak for "
The third part of the story Powers."

03. I am going to assume that this screen is to help explain the game.

Google detected this as being Czech.

04. Press any key and you are finally presented with the main game interface.

  • Centralni Pocitacova sit
    • T - Telefonovat
      • Informace .... 121-56-122
    • ..A+Symbol Shift Rusi Spojeni...
Translates to:
  • Central computer network
    • T - Call
      • Information .... 121-56-122
    • ..A Symbol + Shift interfering with the link...

05. Press the "T" key to call, or phone, and you are presented with this update to the above screen.

  • Czech
    • Vlozte Telefonni Cislo:
  • English
    • Enter phone number :

05. Calling 121-56-122

Slowly typing in the phone number "121-56-122" which sounds like your dialing a rotary telephone, you reach "Informace."

06. Informace o telefonnich cislech.
  • Czech
    • Informace o telefonnich cislech
    • Udejte Jmeno Osoby Ci Organizace
  • English
    • Information about phone numbers
    • Give the names of persons or organizations

07. With the little information I know at the moment, The only thing I can see to enter here is "Philipu Marlowe." Unfortunately, since I do not read Czech, I it took me longer then I want to admit that what I needed to fill in here was actually "Philip Marlowe."

I do not know why there were extra characters around the name, but entering "Philip Marlowe" seems to work. And rewards me with the new telephone number 313-86-590.

  • Czech
    • Philipu Marlowe
    • Neni V Evidenci
  • English
    • Philip Marlowe
    • Are not registered


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