Wednesday, August 10

Clinica de Repulse Bay 2. Smash and Grab ( Quadrilateral Cowboy )

Clinica de Repulse Bay
2. Smash and Grab

I was unable to successfully complete this level twice with the same script. There seems to be a fair bit of randomness as to where your aimbot floats, which makes firing the second shot very difficult. You need to fire the first shot to break the glass which sucks all the air out. So remember to get air before firing. Then the with no gravity, the aimbot floats around, you re-aim it and fire to open the door.

// Script
aimbot; wait(60);
deploy; wait(0.4);

setpos -20 -650 -70; fire; wait(0.4);
setpos -20 -633 -81; fire; close; exit; cls;

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