Tuesday, August 9

No Man's Sky ( My Impression )


No Man's Sky is a "indie" game that was released for the PS4, and in a few days, the PC. After years of waiting and hype those with a PS4 are able to play and experience the game.

I do not have a PS4, but, I have spent a considerable amount of time watching many different people playing No Man's Sky on Twitch. Bellow is my first impression of the game.

The Premise

Described as a action-adventure survival game. You as a single character roam the planets and galaxies looking for items you can sell, craft, or trade. You are able to acquire other ships, weapons, and technologies to aid you in your journey.

You are able to fly your ship through space, through a planet's atmosphere, and land on any planet you see. Once you have landed on a planet you are able to exit your ship and explore the planet in first person perspective.

The Good

The graphics are very nice and stylish for a lower polygon graphics style. Most likely a lot of the graphics style came about from the need to procedurally generate almost all the items in the game world(s).

There is an abundance of plant life on most of the planets. With most planets having a "water" layer, a "cave" layer, and a "top side" layer.  Each planet's "animal" life forms very in appearance and abundance.

There does seem to be a lot of different space ship configurations flying around, all of which seem purchasable for the right price. The space ships differ in both appearance and capability for weapons and storage.

The Bad

Lego block generation. Though there is variety in the life forms, planets, and galaxies generated, you do not have to look hard to notice they feel very pieced together. You can tell the creatures are taken from a selection of pre generated heads, necks, front body, back body, tail, front legs, back legs, and ears / horns. With these choices being resized greater or smaller to fit the overall size of the creature.

After watching several hours of different people playing this game, I noticed though the planets do look different, they seem to fall into 1 of 4 categories of planets. And the planets within each category all start to look the same. All of the planets seem to have the same gravity. So no moon jumping at least at the moment.

Inventory management is the very core of this game. You explore to obtain items so you can explore some more, but with better equipment.

You will run into NPC's which you can interact with. Though you will not see them move that far. Most NPCs seem to fall into the either station personnel, or other space ship captains. But you will not see other NPCs walking around on the planets.


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