Thursday, September 8

Animal Inspector ( 10 Minute )

Animal Inspector

Join the Animal Inspection Agency: Your job if you choose to accept it, is to inspect, and rate different peoples animals. You will have to decide if the chosen animal has any qualities worth making it a good pet. Or if the animal should not be a pet at all.

This game presents you with choices, what you get out of this game, is directly related to how much you actually think about your in game actions.

Game Information
Download Size      ► 40 MB (Win), 42 MB (Apple Mac)
Installed Size     ► 283 MB (Windows)
Platforms          ► Windows, Apple Mac

Game Breakdown
  • Settings Screen
    It is quite nice that at the start of launching this game you are given a window of choices. You can change the screen resolution, Graphics Quality, Monitor, and Window mode.

  • Loading Screen

    An interesting little "bug" is when you start this game, if you happen to move your mouse to select another window, the game will sit on a "pink" screen until you click back on the game window again.

  • Intro Screen

    You are given the events that lead up to your actions in the game, by way of a Newspaper headline, and multiple magazine covers. This is much more interesting than if they had just presented a single block of text.

My Review

You will spend the majority of your time on this screen. This is where you make the all important decision the fate of each animal.

The red tail in the top left corner of the screen allows you to flip through your group of animals for that day.

The brown, grey item in the bottom left corner of the screen is your duster!? This allows you to clean up your forms before you submit them. We all know how a tidy form is a happy form.

At the bottom of the screen you are presented with two stamps. A green "Accepted" stamp, and a red "Rejected" stamp. These are how you decide the fate of each animal.

The game nicely presents you with an area where you can type in your own comments, it actually makes it a requirement.

This is an interesting game idea, much along the same lines as "The Aftermath." I would even go so far as to describe it as "The Aftermath: Pets Edition (Lite)."

Part fun, part food for thought, part cute animal photos.
I have mixed feelings about playing this game. I think there needs to be more variety of animals, and choices.

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The Review



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