Tuesday, September 13

Sort the Court! ( 10 Minute Itch.io )

Sort the Court!

Rule over your own kingdom. This game allows you to make those choices only a king can make. Will you have tea? How about a circus? There are tougher choices to be made along the path to growing your kingdom.

Game Information

Information Page   ► https://graebor.itch.io/sort-the-court
Download Size      ► 18 MB
Installed Size     ► 66.8 MB
Platforms          ► Windows

My opinion after 10 Minutes?

I played this game for 10 minutes, laughed several times, and put it away for one of those days I am less then happy. With its simple mechanics. You either press 'Y' for yes, 'N' for no, or 'SPACE' to continue. You can play through many days fairly quickly.

Well worth a play through or two. If your in just the right mood some of the jokes will strike you as being very funny.

The bad ( had to work to come up with one )

  • Needs more content
  • And the music gets repetitious. 
I have had, and will have again in the future, a fair bit of fun with this game.

The Video

The Review



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