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Supercontinent Ltd ( 10 Minute Itch.io )

Supercontinent Ltd.

Supercontinent Ltd is a narrative adventure about making phone calls in a distant future's rainy night. in this game entry for Ludum Dare 36.

Game Information
Download Size      ► 97 MB
Installed Size     ► 112 MB
Platforms          ► Windows

Developers Description ( from Itch.io webpage )

Supercontinent Ltd is a narrative adventure about making phone calls in a distant future's rainy night.

Mouse to click on objects on the screen.
The numbers 0-9 to dial a phone number.
backspace to erase the phone number.

Game Breakdown
  • Title ScreenThe first screen presented when you load this game.
  • Game ResolutionI was unable to find anywhere in the game to change the game resolution. It seems like this game is set to run in

    1150px x 670px Windowed Mode.

The game starts you off having a conversation with Vega discussing the current job you were hired to complete. The dialog will wait for you to click your mouse button before continuing on.

The Premise

You have broken into the office of a Mr. Ferguson who works for Supercontinent Ltd on behalf of  Proxyma. Proxyma wants you to gather all intel possible on Supercontinent Ltd's executive board.

To your surprise Mr. Ferguson does not believe in having a computer at work, so you will be trying to gather all this information by pretending to be somebody else and convincing people to give you that information.

Game Play

You start off moving your mouse across objects in the room, if one of the objects changes color, then you are able to left click your mouse to obtain more information about that object.

When you have found a phone number, it is possible for you to dial that phone number by simply typing the phone number in using the number keys on your keyboard. This will connect you to whoever that phone number happens to be connected to.

Dialog options, are displayed in a vertical list, which you select your choice by clicking your left mouse button on the choice you want to make.

My Review

The game is fairly short. Once you get the hang of calling, and searching for items, you should be able to finish this game in roughly 35 minutes. Now this does seem quite short, but you have to remember this was developed for a game jam which took place over a weekend.

The people that worked on this game made it interesting enough that I went on to actually finish this game. The dialog is not perfect, but the story is definitely interesting enough for you to find yourself playing it till the end.

I like this game ;)

P.s. I will be uploading my complete play through of this to my YouTube channel.

Update 2016-Sep-6 : My play through is uploaded, and you can check out how I completed this game using this Supercontinent Ltd ( Complete Let's Play ) * Play list *

Update 2016-Sep-7 : I had so much fun playing this game, I also recorded a speed run video as well.

The Video(s)

10 Minute Itch.io - Let's Play

Speed Run

The Review



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