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The Aftermath ( 10 Minute )

The Aftermath

Your job is to decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell in this game entry for GMCJam #1.

Game Information
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Download Size      ► 10 MB
Installed Size     ► 14.5 MB
Platforms          ► Windows
CreditsProgramming and Graphics by Tselmek (@tselmek)
Music and Sounds by zminusone sound (

Developers Description ( from webpage )

You, the player, are a purgatory Intern who has to take of all the paperwork the day after Everybody Died. By readin through each person's personal info sheet, you must judge whether they deserve to go to Heaven or to go to Hell.

Mouse-only. Left click to drag a stamp, release to stamp a sheet. Left click to drag a sheet. Right click to zoom in on a sheet, Right click again to zoom out.

Game Breakdown
  • Title Screen
    The first screen presented when you load this game.
  • Game ResolutionI was unable to find anywhere in the game to change the game resolution. It seems like this game is set to run in 1024px x 670px Windowed Mode.

You are presented with a stack of papers, which each are for a different person who has now died, and you have to decide wither that person gets to go to Heaven or to Hell. This is as simple as stamping their sheet with either the Heaven or to Hell stamp.

Most people I assume actually read each persons information looking for hints as to which direction that person should go in the afterlife. One of the interesting things in this game is that the game does not actually require you to read the information. Not only do you not have to read any of the peoples information before deciding their eternal home, the game does not really punish, or guide, you about any decisions you make.

How much effort and weight you put into playing this game is solely dependent on you. These people are not real, this is not really your job, and there will be no problems resulting from how you play this game. Yet after saying all that, for me anyways, 
I found myself seriously thinking which way I thought each person should go.

Game Play - Round 1 "Patrick NORTON"

The first person I was presented with was a Mr. Patrick NORTON. A 66 year old man who liked to skipping rope, and play Roleplaying games.

Mr. NORTON's "life info" showed a man who had faults like being a "professionnal procrastinator", and "adds Reno Jackson to all their Hearthstone decks." But after reading the last line of his information "Failed saving a child before a truck." You start to get a picture of a man who if not for one bad event in his life, might have been a much happier person.

My verdict: His passions were skipping rope, and games, we all have small flaws but this man is going to Heaven.

Game Play - Round 2 "Patrick THOMPSON"

The second person I was presented with was a Mr. Patrick THOMPSON. A 79 year old man who skipped rope. This looked to be an easy choice for me...then my eyes read Mr. THOMPSON's second passion "Satanism". So much for his passions being mainly positive.

Mr. THOMPSON's "life info" did not help his case any either. I could overlook his "dozen failed suicide attempts" because that just describes a man who is in turmoil. But ... and this is a big BUT ... he also "Always takes the last pizza slice without asking."

My verdict: His passion was Satanism so down he goes.

Game Play - Last Round "Intern #3898"

After clicking to quit the game, I was presented with one last person's information. The last person I would have to decide their fate. That person was Intern #3898, or more specifically according to the game, ME.

It showed that I had a passion for games, though the game did get my age wrong, by a country mile.

That was not the interesting part of my information. That came with the tally that I had chosen to send 35 people to Heaven, but I had also condemned 16 people to hell.

Here was my turn to decide where did I belong?

My verdict: I chickened out. I did not decide where I wanted to go on the merits of my life, but purely on the fact that I did not want to go to Hell.

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