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TubeTycoon ( 10 Minute )


The choice is yours: You choose your career path and what films you will record! Your success depends on your decisions.

This is the version on Examining the game's page you will notice that the developer has managed to get this game green lit on steam.

Steam Community  ( Created by Don Bionicl ) ►

Unfortunately when you look examine the steam page closer, as of posting this Don Bionicl has not been on steam for 145 days. The single announcement is from April 20th, 2016 thanking people for their support. And the release date of June 2016 has come and gone.

Update: I just noticed this post which is on the game's facebook page. There might be hope yet.

Game Information
Information Page   ►
Download Size      ► 7 MB
Installed Size     ► 11.1 MB
Platforms          ► Windows


TubeTycoon lets you try out the role as an up and coming YouTube personality. Do you have what it takes?

Mouse to click on choices on the screen.

Keyboard to enter descriptions, and video titles.

Game Breakdown
  • Title Screen

    The first screen presented when you load this game.
  • Game ResolutionI was unable to find anywhere in the game to change the game resolution. It seems like this game is set to run in

    1280px x 747px Windowed Mode.

The Premise

The game starts with you being a up and coming YouTube personality. You have to create videos, and upgrade items in order to gain more and more "Tube" subscribers, and with them, money.

Game Play

You start off by by registering as a "Tube" personality, with a Nick(name), Gender, Avatar, and even a favorite color.

You then are welcomed with the game's main window.

As you upload videos, and gain experience, and hopefully money, you will earn experience points which you can use to upgrade your personal set of skills to better create more Tube content.

My Review

Like most of the people who played, and then help green lite, this game I find it fun. There are places where this game could be more polished, but it is quite fun to play initially. I did find after I started to make money, the differences between my daily costs, and daily income, became so great that I did not have to really concern myself with money issues for the rest of the game.

Initially managing your money so you can buy the next neat game is the main challenge of this game.
I am hesitantly looking forward to the steam version of this game.

The Video

The Review



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