Thursday, September 8

Project Highrise ( 10 Minute Preview )

Project Highrise

Create your own highrise. This game is for you if you ever wanted to manage a highrise, sky scraper. You get to create the floors, select the tenants, and everything in between.

Game Information

Information Page   ►
Release Date     ► September 8th, 2016
Release Price    ► $21.99 (CDN), $19.99 (US)

Installed Size     ► 364 MB (Approx)
Platforms          ► Windows

My opinion after 10 Minutes?

I am finishing up this post, uploading the video, and promptly playing this game for the rest of the afternoon. I am not going to say I am addicted, well, maybe. For those who like micro management games, and Sim Tower/ Yoot Tower this game is what we have been waiting for.

The bad ( very little )

  • The building units start to blend in together
  • You do not get a good understanding of how much of your building services are being used.
As far as I am concerned, the items above barely distract from the game experience. And I am sure the developers will be updating some of these issues in the days ahead.


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