Monday, October 17

C.H.I.P. The $9 Computer

C.H.I.P. - $9 Computer

A Linux computer for only $9 U.S. I never dreamed when I was growing up that I would be able to purchase a computer for under $10. And since I live in Canada, I still have not. But I have come close. Next Thing Co kickstarted, and is now selling on their website, a little computer for $9 U.S.

This is not the most powerful computer you have ever owned, come close in hardware specs to that of the Raspberry Pi Zero. It does have bluetooth 4.0, wifi, and 4GB of storage all built in. So as long as you are connecting to your wifi router, you only need a power supply to power this computer and have it running all the time.

Hardware Specs

Processor   ► Arm R8 1GHz Processor
Storage      ► 4GB on board
Memory     ► 512MB of RAM
Video         ► Composite Out
Network     ► WiFi B/G/N, Bluetooth 4.0

My opinion after 10 Minutes?

It took me a few minutes to get used to device. There is a little button located at that back of the device I thought would turn it Off/On, but that did not seem to work on the unit I have. So I am using a usb cable with a switch on it to turn the device on. After executing shutdown -h now I did notice the device did actually power off. I was unable to power the device back up till after I turned off the power from the USB cable, and turned it back on again.

I was able to fairly quickly set it up to connect to my WiFi router, and was SSH connected to it within the first 10 minutes.

The Negative ( had to work to come up with one )
  • With a single USB jack, most people will be using a keyboard to do the initial setup
    • Or use a keyboard with a built in track pad
  • There seems to be a bit of flicker when using the composite video cable.
  • Slow for using as a desktop system
    • Great for a little headless server

Like the Raspberry Pi I am glad to be able to use the C.H.I.P. for my smaller projects.

The Video


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