Wednesday, October 19

What Matters - Boot Images ( C.H.I.P. )

What Matters with Boot Images

I have narrowed down the base information I put in the previous post. So you only have the information that actually matters.

If you want to see where I got any value check:

Flash Image Comparisons
Flash ImageFlash TimeBoot TimeDL SizeUsed
GUI 4.4 (No Limit) 5min 33sec1min 29sec624 MB183 MB565 MB
GUI 4.4 6min 10sec1min 29sec624 MB190 MB565 MB
Headless 4.4 3min 6sec56sec314 MB74 MB265 MB
GUI 4.3 4min 48sec1min 17sec606 MB187 MB549 MB
Headless 4.3 2min 14sec49sec246 MB75 MB202 MB
Headless 4.3 No Fastboot 9min 25sec39sec245 MB75 MB202 MB


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