Saturday, March 26

So I have a blog (or Hey I found my blog passwords)


You can register a domain name, setup a blog, a post a few posts. The moment you lose your email password, and realize that you no longer are in possession of the mobile phone number which you had setup as your emergency number for your email, you give up.

Every few months I would spend an evening trying what I thought could possibly of been a password I had used. After several tries, having exhausted my list of guesses, I would grumble and say "screw it."

A couple days ago, after spending way more time then I wish to admit, I typed in my most recent guess, and to my surprise gained access to my email account. With access to my email I also gained access to my blog, domain, etc. So now I'm back!


I have spent the last couple days trying to think of what I actually wanted to accomplish with this blog, domain, etc...and....nothing. I am not doing this for others to see, or comment on. My newly realized goal is to use these tools to track and archive projects and information I wish to remember.

and Tomorrow

Each and every new post will be better organized, and fall into properly categorized groups. Groups and types of posts:

  • Ideas
    • Project Idea
    • Application Idea
    • Game Idea
  • Reference
    • Applications
      Individual post describing a specific application I use, with possible images and links for retrieving it
    • Websites
      Single post dedicated to any particular website which I am interested in remembering.

** More to be added later **

Monday, March 21

Another Year, Another set of PI instructions - Part 1

March Updates

My little family of Raspberry PIs has been growing. I now have:
Raspberry PI Zero: 1
Raspberry PI 1b+:  3
Raspberry PI 2b+:  4

And hopefully I will have a couple more PI Zero's and will be able to also welcome a couple PI 3's into my collection.

With all this growth, and my intentions of developing my own in house IOjs NODEjs development pipe line, it is time again to refresh and rearrange my systems.

System Layout (Work in Progress)

  • Tardis

    • Specs
      • Raspberry PI 2B+
      • 64GB ADATA Micro SD
      • 2016-03-12-jessie-minibian (Base Distro)
    • Specific Jobs
      • File Server
      • Backup Source Code Server
      • & More
Setting up the Tardis

  • Initializing the new System (Shell Commands)
    1. passwd root
      Change root password
    2. apt-get clean
    3. apt-get update
    4. apt-get install raspi-config
    5. Setting up WIFI
      1. apt-get install firmware-realtek
        1. or
          1. firmware-atheros
          2. firmware-ralink
      2. apt-get install wpasupplicant
      3. apt-get install iw crda wireless-regdb
        Avoids startup CRDA errors
    6. reboot
  • raspi-config
    1. expand filesystem
    2. Advanced Options
      1. A2. Hostname
      2. A6. SPI
      3. A7. I2C
    3. finish & Reboot