Friday, May 6

Aliexpress: Day 20 (Tracking IDs)

Tracking IDs
Day 20

Today started fairly simply, no new emails, sales, or excitement. The following may bore those who are much less excitable then myself, for that I do not apologize. I harbor no belief that my thoughts are important enough for anybody but myself to actually scrutinize.

After spending, probably to much, time re-working the current spreadsheets used to document this experiment a few interesting things have started appearing in the data.
Most of the tracking numbers which I have received fall into one of two types.

The eleven digit "02968184###" tracking number starting with either "02" or more recently "03." These seem to be related to the Chinese "small package", and "bulk mail" forms of parcel delivery.

Thirteen digits begining with "R", and ending with the two letter country code of origin "CN = China", "RF222682###CN". These seem to relate to the orders which are to be shipped via "China Air."

Thirteen digits begining with "MP" and ending with "XSG" (ie:"MP097#####XSG") seem to take a long time before they are in the system that the website lists. If you follow the website link "" replacing the number at the back with the number the shipper gave you, you should be able to see the shipping details. Though in my limited experience it seemed to take around four days between getting the tracking number and actually being able to see details.

Orders from companies which have provided one of the above types of tracking numbers have had their status changed to "shipped" quickly. They have also had their shipping information updated fairly quickly.

Now I have received orders with different "tracking numbers." "MP097#####XSG", "WA38656042#####", and "10899085#####." These tracking numbers were provided for orders which at the time of ordering stated "China Post Registered Air Mail", and yet after I placed my order the shipping method was changed to "Sellers shipping method." I do not know without doubt that I have been given bogus tracking numbers, It may just be a weird oddity. The tracking numbers starting with "MP" and ending with "XSG" have since been figured out to be tracking numbers for

I now have four two interesting orders to follow.
  • Order #28
    • 20:04 Ordered
      Qty: 2     Price: $2.72     Shipping:  FREE    Total: $5.43
    • Store: GREAT WALL Electronics Co. Ltd.
    • 20:04 Received email (Order Paid)
Items Ordered:104     Total Shipping Paid: $1.64       Total Spent: $126.11

Thursday, May 5

Aliexpress: Day 19 (Hundred Items Ordered)

Hundred Items Ordered
Day 19

Another landmark passed in this experiment. I have now ordered over one hundred items for delivery. I realize most of these items are fairly small in size, but I still did not think at the beginning of this that I would order this many items. With many days, if not weeks, left in this experiment the question now is "How many items will I have ordered?"

It is rather remarkable that not only can we order items from half way around the world, and have them delivered to our door step. These products are being made by people who most likely I would have trouble communicating with face to face due too neither of us knowing each others respective spoken language.
  • Order #26
    • 3:38 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #27
    • 19:49 Ordered
      Qty: 10     Price: $0.46     Shipping:  FREE    Total: $4.61
    • Store: EC-buying Technology Co., Ltd
    • 19:49 Received email (Order Paid)
Items Ordered:102     Total Shipping Paid: $1.64       Total Spent: $120.68

Wednesday, May 4

Julian Ilett: Postbag Summary #63

Postbag #63
Sensible and Silly Stuff from China

  1. DC-DC 900W 15A 8-60V To 10-120V 12v 24v 19v NC CC/CV Boost Power Supply
  2. 2Pcs Mini Walkie Talkie kids Electronic Toys Portable Two-Way Radio Set Yellow
  3. 3 FT PV SOLAR Cable Extension MC3 Type Connectors MALE AND FEMALE DIY TUV
  4. 20A 12V 24V Auto Switch LCD Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller

May 3rd, 2016
$69.00 (U.S.)

Aliexpress: Day 18 (Anticipation)

Day 18

Even though none of the orders has yet to arrive, I am finding a lot of enjoyment in documenting and tracking all the orders. There are some patterns which are starting to show up in the data which if they continue will be a part of a completely separate post.

My anticipation for the arrival of any of these orders grows daily. A feeling of "night before christmas", or week before birthday fill my mind. Realistically the earliest I should expect any of these orders to arrive will be around day 25 or day 30. This has not stopped me from checking the mail now on a daily basis. Who knows maybe I could get lucky and one of the orders arrives quickly.
  • Order #25
    • 5:20 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #26
    • 20:00 Ordered
      Qty: 5     Price: $0.89     Shipping:  FREE    Total: $4.47
    • Store: GREAT WALL Electronics Co. Ltd.
    • 20:01 Received email (Order Paid)
Items Ordered:92     Total Shipping Paid: $1.64       Total Spent: $116.07

Tuesday, May 3

Aliexpress: Day 17 (Lots and lots of Emails)

Lots and Lots of Emails
Day 17

Interestingly if you place five orders on the same day, it is quite likely that you will end up receiving five emails saying the products shipped. At least that is what I thought when I checked my email to see five new messages waiting for me. Only three of those messages were for items I had ordered on day 15. One of the emails was regarding an item ordered on day 14, and another one for an item ordered yesterday.
  • Order #17
    • 9:40 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #19
    • 4:28 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #20
    • 6:28 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #21
    • 7:35 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #24
    • 8:31 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #25
    • 21:47 Ordered
      Qty: 30     Price: $0.10     Shipping:  FREE    Total: $3.13
    • Store: Shenzhen Yi Huanghui Technology Co. Ltd
    • 21:47 Received email (Order Paid)
Items Ordered:87     Total Shipping Paid: $1.64       Total Spent: $111.60

Monday, May 2

Aliexpress: Day 16 (Multimeters oh my)

Multimeters oh my
Day 16

I can not believe how cheap some of these multi-meters are. I am hesitant to say that everything they list is correct, but for the cost, its worth testing a few. I know I've tried hard not to say what was ordered, but man are these cheap. I have decided to purchase a couple of these multi-meters over the next few weeks and to test them when they come in.
  • Order #22
    • 7:18 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #23
    • 20:42 Received email (Shipped Order)
  • Order #24
    • 19:58 Ordered
      Qty: 1     Price: $6.57     Shipping:  FREE    Total: $6.57
    • Store: dependonu
    • 19:58 Received email (Order Paid)
Items Ordered:57     Total Shipping Paid: $1.64       Total Spent: $108.47

Sunday, May 1

Week in Review (Week 17)

Monday April 25, 2016 - Sunday May 1, 2016
According to ISO-8601 standard, weeks start on Monday. The first week of each year is the week which contains that year's first Thursday. This oddly gives the capability for the year to have 53 weeks instead of the school taught 52.

Here I am going to try to document all "projects" that I have started, continued, or ended in the previous week.

1. Aliexpress: Fifteen days in, and no packages received so far. I have collected lots of data, and the main spreadsheet has blossomed to over nine "sheets" and dozens of different formulas. Continuing on with my Aliexpress experiment which you can follow here:
Monday        Day 11
Tuesday       Day 12
Wednesday   Day 13
Thursday      Day 14
Friday          Day 15

2. Julian Ilett: I have caught up to the current posted "Postbag" video. This does not mean my work is done. In fact now that we have the basic information, I can add more information inline with the latest two posts.
Julian Ilett: Postbag Summary
#61  April 19   $25.58
#62  April 28   $20.94

Week in Review (Week 17)