Saturday, June 18

Happy Fathers Day (My DigiSpark Code)

Happy Fathers Day!

I have programmed a little "Happy Fathers Day" sketch which runs on DigiStump's DigiSpark. Using the DigiKeyboard library. At the moment all the functionality of this sketch is designed for using the DigiSpark on a Microsoft Windows machine.

I have tested that it works properly on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

In the future I will convert this sketch over to one that will work on Apple Mac's, and possibly Linux machines as well. But I had a tight time frame, since I needed to place this in a card and give it to my father later today.

DigiSpark-HappyFathersDayDad.ino (Version 1)
Updated version for slower computers

DigiSpark-HappyFathersDayDad.ino (version 0.9)

What does this sketch do...

  1. It is detected as a HID Keyboard device
  2. The Sketch waits 35 seconds
  3. it launches notepad.exe on the target computer
  4. And then proceeds to type the following lines, one line at a time
  5. Then it opens a new notepad windows and types
  6. And for fun, another notepad window
  7. One last notepad window for good luck
  8. Then it opens up the users web browser to google images collection of "Happy Fathers Day Dad" images.
  9. Then turns the led on the DigiStump on solid. And Stops.

Sketch uses 4,320 bytes (71%) of program storage space. Maximum is 6,012 bytes.
Global variables use 92 bytes of dynamic memory.

What does this sketch do...(Video)

    AliExpress #28, #51 (1602 LCDs & Switches)

    LCD1602+I2C Blue for Arduino
    Day 60

    Two sixteen character two line I2C displays. Now their description says they are for use with the Arduino family of products. In reality they use the I2C protocol so they can be used with any device which can communicate over I2C.

    I have tried these on Arduino Uno, Pro Nano, and Raspberry Pi 2B. And they work great. I will hopefully have video and another post showing these in action in the future.

    • Order #28
      • Day 20   - Ordered
      • Day 27   - AliExpress reported shipped
      • Day 60   - Arrived in Mailbox
      • 40 Days Shipping Time

    Packaging Video

    6*6*4.3mm tack switch (30pcs)
    Day 68

    These came pretty quickly, 25 days and I had thirty one little black switches. As you might have noticed from the description above I only ordered 30. They shipped one extra. 

    I do not know if that is standard practice, or I just got lucky.
    • Order #51
      • Day 43   - Ordered
      • ** Never showed Shipped **
      • Day 68   - Arrived in Mailbox
      • 25 Days Shipping Time

    Packaging Video

    Friday, June 17

    AliExpress #53, #57 (74HC165s & LEDs)

    SN 74HC165 N DIP16
    Day 69

    8-Bit Parallel-Load Shift Registers. You can find more information about them:

    • Order #53
      • Day 45   - Ordered
      • ** Never showed Shipped **
      • Day 69   - Arrived in Mailbox
      • 24 Days Shipping Time

    Packaging Video

    USB LED Bulb keychain (Black)
    Day 69

    This is the second time I have ordered these from the same seller. The first time was back in Order #20. The first time it took 23 days to arrive, and this time it took 20 days. Quick delivery, and they all work, great Seller.
    • Order #57
      • Day 49   - Ordered
      • ** Never showed Shipped **
      • Day 69   - Arrived in Mailbox
      • 20 Days Shipping Time

    Packaging Video

    Thursday, June 16

    Experimenting with nginx & NodeJS - Part 1

    If you have been using NodeJS and Raspberry Pi for any length of time, you will continue to hear how you need to have nginx to maximize multi core capabilities. Since I have a Raspberry Pi 2B dedicated strictly to trying new experiences I am going to play around with nginx and NodeJS.

    The Setup

    I have created a new user named "www" to contain all the files I will be experimenting with.

    I created a small script to simplify installing the newest version of NodeJS.
    updated: October 7th, 2016     "New download url"

    I also created a small script to simplify installing nginx

    Do not forget to chmod +x

    AliExpress #34, #38 (Volt Meter & Fountain Pen)

    Digital Volt ammeter
    Day 61

    This is a neat little three digit red led display shows how many volts/amps are being passed through it. It requires at least 4.5 volts to work.

    Update 6.22: I have tested that this works, but you need a minimum of 4.2v.
    • Order #34
      • Day 26   - Ordered
      • Day 27   - AliExpress displays Shipped
      • Day 61   - Arrived in Mailbox
      • 35 Days Shipping Time

    Packaging Video

    Novelty Owl Fountain Pen
    Day 67

    Do you have a friend, or family member, who loves fountain pens? Do you have no idea what kind of gift to get them? How about an fountain pen with owls on it? 

    This may not be the most expensive. This may not be the best.

    It's funny/cute, and you can bet they do not already have one :)
    • Order #38
      • Day 30   - Ordered
      • Day 31   - AliExpress displays Shipped
      • Day 67   - Arrived in Mailbox
      • 37 Days Shipping Time

    Packaging Video

    Wednesday, June 15

    AliExpress #25, #36 (Resistors & Whovian Necklace)

    600pcs 1% Metal Resistors (30x20pcs)
    Day 63

    Thirty wonderful strips of twenty resistors. Thirty different values. It should be a longer while now til I have to go raiding my old 200 in 1 electronics kit.  Maybe I over did it, but this stemmed from me being one resistor shy of finishing a project. Now I should not have that problem.
    • Order #25
      • Day 22   - Ordered
      • Day 24   - AliExpress displays Shipped
      • Day 53   - Arrived in Mailbox
      • 46 Days Shipping Time

    Packaging Video

    Necklace "BaDWolf"
    Day 63

    People sometimes naturally draw a line between love of electronics, and all things "geeky", with also being a fan of all things Sci Fi.  A lot of people consider the British television series Doctor Who to be one of the finest examples of Sci Fi.

    I would like to say I am not such a predictable person. My excitement over receiving this necklace of Whovian artistry would say other wise. For those that catch the reference, excellent. I guess I earned my geek card.
    • Order #36
      • Day 28   - Ordered
      • Day 31   - AliExpress displays Shipped
      • Day 63   - Arrived in Mailbox
      • 35 Days Shipping Time

    Packaging Video

    Tuesday, June 14

    AliExpress #42, #45 (SMDs & LEDs)

    3mm LED Diode Kit (5x 100pcs)
    Day 61

    The description was for five groups of 100 LEDs. Now you do not know what fun is until you count five groups of, approximately. 100 LEDs. After I counted them twice I had another person also count them twice and our numbers matched.

    The real amounts of LEDs

    • 87   Yellow
    • 99    Blue
    • 100  Green
    • 102  Red
    • 103  White

    • 491  Total LEDs Received

    I did contact the store and let them know I was going to leave the counts in the comment. The seller offered to refund part of my purchase price. Since there was only nine LEDs missing, and the cost difference worked out to less then 5 cents, I told the seller thank you, but I do not need even a partial refund.
    • Order #42
      • Day 34   - Ordered
      • Day 35   - AliExpress displays Shipped
      • Day 61   - Arrived in Mailbox
      • 27 Days Shipping Time

    Packaging Video

    AMS1117-3.3V (SMD)
    Day 59

    These are great little, because of the SMD packaging, 1117 voltage regulator. Capable of providing 3.3v at up to 1 amp from as little as 4.5v input. I am not completely sure what I will be using these for, but I have ten of them, so I should be able to make a few mistakes and still have some usable results.
    • Order #45
      • Day 37   - Ordered
      • ** AliExpress did not display Shipped **
      • Day 59   - Arrived in Mailbox
      • 22 Days Shipping Time

    Packaging Video

    Sunday, June 12

    Week in Review (Week 23)

    Monday June 6, 2016 - Sunday June 12, 2016
    According to ISO-8601 standard, weeks start on Monday. The first week of each year is the week which contains that year's first Thursday. This oddly gives the capability for the year to have 53 weeks instead of the school taught 52.

    1. Aliexpress: There have been a number of orders arrived  this week. Enough Orders are coming in now, that I am slightly lagging behind in testing the products. The second interesting thing about this week, and I will be posting more about this in the future: is that I now have two separate orders which are now over the buyers guarantee delivery, and one that is coming very close to the sixty day limit. I might finally be able to comment on how refunds might work.

    Week in Review (Week 23)