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Disrupt Game not out in 2016 ( I Said it )

Original Post

In February of 2015 I wrote a post about this "game" called Disrupt by North Rock Games. The game had been posted to steam greenlight on February 10th, 2014. and last updated on steam on March 4th, 2014.

In August of 2016 I wrote the follow up post "Still No Disrupt Game (Surprise Surprise Surprise)" Where I commented that there had been little but empty promises since the game was anounced. Seeing as we are now in 2017 I thought it would be nice to revisit it again and see if anything has happened.

The bare Timeline

  • 2012
    • September
      • North Rock Games - Founding date according to disruptgame.com/press/
    • October
      • Disrupt - First (old) demonstration video posted on YouTube by Lek√ę Dobruna
  • 2013
    • June
      • 19 - disruptgame.com registered date
      • 21 - disruptgame.com/ html page title changed to "Disrupt - Coming Soon"
    • July
      • 22 - DisruptGame user joined YouTube
  • 2014
    • February
      • 10 - Disrupt is on Steam Greenlight, waiting for success
      • 14 - Disrupt reached 50% of the way to Steam Greenlight's Top 100 in just 4 days
    • March
      • 4 - @disruptgame tweeted "Happy to announce that Disrupt has been Greenlit in Steam along 49 other titles. Thank you for the support!"
    • July
      • 9 - Steam User "North Rock Games" last played "Black Ice Demo" on Steam
  • 2015
    • January
      • 22 - Lord Piggleston created a discussion on steam labeled "Where are You." The website is down, nothing from twitter. Is this dead? The length of time with no update is what will kill your game before it even comes out. People are have already forgotten that this exists.

Timeline Updates
  • 2015
    • June
      • 27 - Twitter User @RomireVids asked @disruptgame "How long do you think your ready to release? Lotta people wanting to be hackers here lol"
    • July
      • 4 - @disruptgame replied "@RomireVids Not sure on the release date. Definitely sometime this year though. Might be in a month, might be in 3. Not sure."
    • September
      • 17 - @disruptgame replied "@ItsGime It's not dead. More info on release will be released soon I hope. No eta."
    • October
      • 5 - @disruptgame tweeted "@mrlolba @CausticSodaNaOH Price tag and release date will be announced with a new trailer."
    • December
      • 24 - @disruptgame tweeted "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! It's going to be an eventful January. ;) #gamedev"
  • 2016
    • February
      • 13 - @disruptgame tweeted "Apologies for lack of updates in January. Good news is that I've started preparations for the release date trailer. #gamedev"
    • July
      • 4 - @disruptgame replied "@FrederikBolding Development hasn't stopped and I hope to post some updates about it soon. I've just been busy with my university studies."
    • August
      • 11 - Steam User "Ronin", last played "Rust" for 1.1 hrs.
    • Nov
      • 2 - Discussion "So Hacknet is out"
  • 2017
    • January
      • 8 - Last comment on Discussion "Its 2017 and this game hasn't come out."
      • 9 - Last comment on Discussion "leaving us hanging on steam?"
      • 17 - Steam user "North Rock Games" last online 893 days ago
      • 17 - Steam user "Ludlow" last online 6hrs, 36min ago
        • Jan 7, Played "SQUAD", 62 hrs so far

My Nickel ( Pennies are discontinued )

With nothing new being said by the developers since my last post, and almost no online activity by the developers, like before I am quite sure this project is not going to come about. At this point even the games strongest defenders have backed away from commenting on the games progression.

It has now been one year since the developer's tweet promised an eventful January. As the wind blows, and the dust starts to pick up, I propose this game is nothing more then wishful whispers.

I will probably check in on this game again in the future, and see what has happened.

Until then 
We Wait ( some more )


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