Thursday, February 9

Lets remake a classic ( Remaking Bitva O Databazi for the Browser Era )


One of the things I have wanted to try for a long time, was remaking classic games so they could be played on modern hardware. If you have read much of this blog, you will notice I have a fondness for classic "hacking" games.

If you watch the time lapse videos uploaded to YouTube, you will notice that there is no editing done on the video. It is merely sped up 8x and uploaded. So you are able to see each and every mistake, typo, etc. Hopefully this will show you my thought processes behind some of my decisions.

Bitva O Databazi

Bitva O Databazi is a game published for the ZX Spectrum 48k in 1990. It was published by Alesoft (Czech), and authored by Peter O'Ley. It was also written in Czech.

Now I do not read Czech, so am relying heavily on my previous play through of the game using google translate extensively.

Time Lapses
  • Part 1
    • Roughly designing the initial game interface.
    • initial framework for the game interface.
  • Part 2
    • added: Introduction letter "Major Powers"
    • added: Keyboard handlers
    • added: game "state machine"
    • added: Central Computer Network
    • added: Telephone
    • started: Information

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Coming ...


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