Wednesday, February 22

Resizing root file systems - Rasperry Pi

Resizing the File System

Anybody who has used a Raspberry Pi knows the first step is always to resize the file system. Most people use raspi-config to expand the filesystem. Others like myself who start with a distro image which is not standard for the Raspberry Pi have found it is sometimes a pain to resize the file system.

My Solution

After a rather annoying day of resetting and install a raspberry pi, I was tired of the extra time required to install raspi-config, and resize the file system. So I copied the raspi-config, which is a wonderful read, and removed all but the code required to resize the file system. This I copied into another file I choose to call "expandfs". This is instead of using resize2fs, since I found it did not always work.

I have found this to work with most linux distro's for the Raspberry Pi, including Minbian.

The Script (Download link)


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