Tuesday, February 7

Took a time lapse out for a spin! Programming in High speed ;)

Time Lapse, or Programming in High Speed

I have wondered several times in the past what it must look like to others when I program. Now I would have difficulty recording the programming I do for work, as there might be issues. There are no issues with recording any programming I do for fun.

Since I have added the new section games.failedsleep.com . And I am using that space to experiment with programming web based games using codepen.io. With that in mind I have decided, at least for the near future, to try and record when I am working on any of the code for games, etc.

I do realize watching many hours of a single person typing might not be interesting, so with that in mind I have sped each video up 8X (times). So each hour of programming takes roughly 8 minutes to watch. I may increase this speed in the future depending on how the videos look.

The future plan is: Once I have completed all the programming for a single game; I will compile the time lapse videos together and then speed them up somewhere between 4X and 8X. Depending on how long each game takes, a playback speed increase of 8X would mean every hour of programming had been compressed down to one minute of video.

Since the video is being uploaded at such a speed increase, I have also recorded the audio of the music I was listening too at the time I was programming. Though it will be fairly hard to recognize any particular song.

You can watch the first video ( without sound ) bellow:

More to come ;)


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